Travis Heights 78704 Real Estate Market Activity Report 2010

Travis Heights Real Estate Sales Data for 2009 and 2010

Despite market downturns in other areas of the country, the real estate market in Travis Heights fared well in 2010. 50 properties sold in 2010, down just 5 from 2009. The median price rose slightly from $261.14 per square foot to $269.34 per square foot, while days on the market increased by just 3 days, to 48.


The least expensive house that sold in 2010 in Travis Heights was an estate sale and was listed in poor condition. That home sold in just two days for $145,000!

(note: price per square foot is interesting when considered as part of a large body of data. It does not, and cannot, indicate that any particular property’s value can be determined by the median, or average for an area. The median is the number at which half of the numbers were above that point and the other half were below.)

Travis Heights 78704 Price Per Square Foot 2010

Houses in Travis Heights range from over 70 years old to brand new, with sizes and styles ranging from tiny 700 square foot bungalows to 4000 square foot and larger modern and eclectic homes.

Photographs of Homes in Travis Heights

Please note: these are NOT houses that sold recently, or that are currently for sale, but are instead photos of homes that are characteristic of this area of Austin.

Google Map of Travis Heights 78704

Travis Heights in zip code 78704 is bounded on the North by Lady Bird Lake, the west by Congress Avenue, the East by I-35 and on the South by Oltorf.


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