Too Much Stuff?

Are You Drowning in Stuff?

After appraising thousands of homes in the Austin area in the last few year, one thing we know for sure: people have a lot of stuff.

Too Much Stuff
Too Much Stuff

Inside stuff, outside stuff, recreational stuff, baby stuff, craft stuff, car stuff.

All. Sorts. Of. Stuff.

Does the Appraiser care about the stuff?

For the most part, not really. The appraiser cares about the actual property, not the stuff in it.

The Appraiser cares what the house is built out of (the overall quality of the construction), and the condition it is in (whether or not the maintenance is current). As long as the Appraiser can move about the house and can see the current condition of property, then the stuff shouldn’t matter.

Now the stuff in the photo would matter, because it would keep an appraiser from getting into that back hallway. In a case like this, it’s a good idea to make sure a clear path to all areas of the house is open. That makes sure the appraiser can actually see the whole home, and that it is safe for him or her him to move around. (In case you’re wondering, that is my own home, while the kitchen was being renovated – an extra stove sat in the dining room for several months!).

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