Sonoma in Round Rock Real Estate Activity October 2010

Real Estate Sales Data for Sonoma in Round Rock for April 13th – October 13th, 2010

Although the photo gallery is for the south end of the Sonoma subdivision, these sales numbers for Sonoma in Round Rock, Texas, covers the entire subdivision for the 6 month period ending October 13th, 2010. This area is in Williamson County.

Yes, the header for the Sonoma Real Estate Sales Data is pink – because the other options were even more garish! :-)

The real estate sales numbers to pay attention to are the numbers on the median lines – these are the numbers that are in the middle, with half of the sales above, and half of the sales below this point.

The days on the market for homes that have sold in Sonoma is encouraging – homes that are priced right are going under contract in about 5 to 6 weeks. Using the median value prevents the one gigantic house (a foreclosure) that sat on the market for 528 days from skewing the numbers to the high end for the homes that have sold in the Sonoma subdivision in the last 6 months. The foreclosure was originally priced at $390,000 before finally selling for $310,000.

You can also easily see that the median price for the homes in Sonoma that were withdrawn from the market were clearly higher priced than the homes that sold. This should serve as a word of caution – almost as many didn’t sell as did sell – gotta get the pricing right or it’s like not even having it for sale because it will get skipped by the serious buyers who can readily see the pricing disparity.

Sonoma Round Rock Sales Graphic: Balanced Pricing to Sell Faster

General Information about the Sonoma Subdivision in Round Rock

The homes in Sonoma were built between 2001 and 2009 and range from 1420 to 4918 square feet, with a median size of 2578.

This area is served by Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD).

Photos of Houses in Sonoma South in Round Rock

Map of Sonoma South (Shiraz Loop) in Round Rock, Texas

Sonoma is located both north and south of Forest Creek Drive, with the bulk of it to the south, and all of it north of Gattis School Road.

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All data is from the Austin Area MLS (aka Actris) and from the REALIST tax database.

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