Dodd-Frank and the Mercury Network: A Regulatory-Compliant, Appraisal Vendor Management Platform

Need to stay compliant with Dodd-Frank?

The business savvy, regulatory-compliant alternative to sending your Dodd-Frank appraisal orders through an AMC is the Mercury Network from a la mode. And, ironically, if your company is an AMC, you can still use the Mercury Network, and gain all of the advantages of cutting-edge tools without having to develop, purchase or maintain your own in-house appraisal ordering system.

You can be registered and sending us (Appraisal IQ) orders securely across the web in less time than a quick lunch break. If you have business in other markets, you can add those appraisers to your list with a few clicks. You get the control back, and still stay compliant. How cool is that?

(Although we made our own Mercury Network for Dodd-Frank Appraisals video, we really like the one from a la mode, too, so we’ve embedded it here from YouTube for your viewing pleasure.)

Appraisal Vendor Management Sign-up

Better Appraisal Management: the AMC Alternative

What is the Mercury Network?

The Mercury Network from a la mode is an online Appraisal Vendor Management Platform that lets you order real estate appraisals from local appraisers, in every county, on the web. You can use the Mercury Network, select Appraisal IQ (Orlando Masis) as a preferred appraiser and still maintain your Dodd-Frank compliance, as well as other regulatory compliance in the post-HVCC mortgage lending era.

What do I get out of it?

The Mercury Network helps you keep track of orders, get automatic status updates and keeps an ongoing audit trail for compliance records. Your quality control rules run on the appraiser’s desktop before delivery, so you’ll reduce or eliminate phone tag which saves time and money.

Can I use the appraisers already on my Roster?

You can use your existing appraisers, add new local appraisers (Orlando Masis), and augment with other appraisers on the Mercury Network when you need them. When you need a Dodd-Frank Appraiser to perform regulatory compliant appraisals, you need the Mercury Network.

Trust and Experience

We trust the Mercury Network because a la mode’s appraisal sites have managed millions of transactions for appraisers and mortgage pros since 2002. This is a win-win for everyone: you, your customers, and the little guys like us, Appraisal IQ – the small, family-run appraisal service businesses.

In August, 2013, a la mode released the article, Sierra Pacific Deploys Mercury Network’s Enterprise Vendor Framework For Superior Appraisal Operations

Also in August 2013, a la mode released Sierra Pacific Deploys Mercury Network’s Enterprise Vendor Framework For Superior Appraisal Operations

Although major players are adding integration capabilities between their existing systems and the Mercury Network, small mortgage brokers and lenders can use the Mercury Network’s on-line tool as their own Appraisal Vendor Management Platform and can simply order and manage their appraisals on-line without loading or configuring software on local machines.

Are you going to be the one left behind, waiting for status on your orders?

Get Started Using the Mercury Network

To get started using the Mercury Network (we’ve seen it called the Mercury Appraisal Network, but that really isn’t the name, even if it does accurately describe the service) so that you can order your Austin Area appraisals through Appraisal IQ:

Appraisal Vendor Management Sign-up

To read some excellent articles about the Mercury Network and the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Act’s impact on the appraisal industry, please read the Mercury Network News Page.