Appraisal Services for Lenders and Mortgage Professionals

Real Estate Appraisal Services in Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell and Bastrop counties, performed by Texas Certified Residential Appraisers. We appraise residential property, land and small residential income dwellings in the Central Texas Area (the Greater Austin Area).

We use the latest technology from a la mode, as well as the most current and accurate appraisal tools for property appraisals to improve our report quality. FHA Approved. Dodd-Frank Regulatory Compliance.

Who Can Order Appraisal Services?

  • Lenders
  • AMCs
  • Homeowners
  • Attorneys

How to Submit Real Estate Appraisal Orders:

  • By email to
  • Through your own ordering system – call/email to get the docs and background check info to add Orlando Masis to your panel.
  • By registering with The Mercury Network’s Vendor Management Platform from a la mode and selecting Appraisal IQ and/or Orlando Masis as your preferred Austin-Area Real Estate Appraiser
  • By registering with Appraisal Port and selecting Appraisal IQ and/or Orlando Masis as your preferred Austin-Area Real Estate Appraiser

The Mercury Network is FREE for you (as long as fees are R&C), FAST and EASY. We pay the per-appraisal service fee of about $14 and we don’t mark up our fees to compensate. Give it a try and select Appraisal IQ (Orlando Masis) as one of your preferred local appraisers.

Call (512) 541-2107 with any questions

Your Central Texas Real Estate Appraisal Service

  • All appraisals are performed by a Certified Residential Appraiser, licensed to perform residential real estate appraisals in Texas.
  • FHA Appraisals are performed by an FHA Approved Appraiser.
  • Inspection appointment made within 24 hours of receiving the appraisal services order.
  • Competitive fees with discounts for bulk appraisals.
  • 24-48 hour turnaround time on average after inspection.
  • Pre- and post-appraisal consulting.
  • We will update the client on any problems seen during the inspection of the property.
  • We strictly adhere to the standards set forth in the USPAP (Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice)
  • Appraisal IQ carries E & O Insurance.

Get Control of Your Appraisal Turn Times

The appraisal profession is in a contract state of evolution, just like most industries. Just when technological improvements give appraisers more efficient tools so they can produce high-quality but faster appraisals, new requirements add more line-items to the appraiser’s “to do” list, which slows things back down.

To get your appraisals back faster:

  1. We aggressively adopt new tools and technology, and refine our appraisal pipeline practices. We have an in-house old school and new school project management professional who doesn’t let bumps in the road become highway hazards. Combining best practices without arbitrarily adding layers of busy work keeps the office humming.
  2. We log appraisal orders in as soon as they arrive, coding them with our internal numbers as well as associating them with any and all on-line tools and applications we use. This ensures your appraisal is immediately in our pipeline for processing.
  3. We call and set up the appointment without delay. If the appraisal inspection is scheduled for more than 2 days out, it is because the homeowner wasn’t able to accommodate the appointment sooner. We reassure them that their home doesn’t need to be spit-polish clean for our visit, which helps them relax and makes the process go more smoothly.
  4. We measure homes with a Disto D5 laser measuring device and draw our home sketches on-site on a web-enabled iPad, essential elements of our Appraisal Tools for Property Appraisals, which saves time back at the office because the sketch is already completed and verified as accurate at the property.
  5. When we write a report, we avoid unnecessary interruptions. Your report is our primary priority so we can deliver it on, or ahead of your schedule.
  6. We go above and beyond to incorporate the data and details you need to keep from kicking a report back with questions or updates. Whenever possible, we spot trends early on for underwriting requirements and add them to our work flow pro-actively, before they are required or mandated.

Collateral Valuation Policy

Take the time to read the article written for Mortgage Banking Magazine called Three Legs of the Appraisal Management Stool by Adam Calvery, President of the Mortgage Solutions Division of a la mode.

This article serves to remind mortgage professionals that lenders need a common sense approach to collateral valuation policy that embraces three key components: regulatory compliance, quality assurance and fraud management. With all of the fuss about HVCC compliance in 2009 and 2010, and Dodd-Frank after that, some of the other critical aspects of lending have been receiving less attention than necessary.