Appraisal Services for Attorneys and Legal Matters

Real Estate Appraisal Services for Attorneys

Do You Demand the Best Service for Your Clients?

We thought so. We do, too.

We deliver high-quality real estate appraisal services for attorneys, and we deliver them quickly. Your divorce appraisal, property dispute or estate settlement won’t get held up waiting around for the appraisal report to be delivered.

We Know Austin and We Know Value

Have you ever had a case where the appraiser came up with what seemed like an out-of-bounds value for a property? That can happen when an appraiser doesn’t have area expertise for the property’s location.

If we don’t think we’re the right appraisers for your clients’ situation, we’ll tell you up front, or as soon as we have enough data to know that your requirements will be better served by someone else. We know our opinion of value can have a significant impact on your clients’ lives, settlements, businesses or property taxes. We won’t jerk you or your clients around if we’re not the appraiser you need for the job.

Real Estate Situations that Require a Home Valuation Appraisal


  • Sale of real estate to a relative, with or without the services of a Realtor
  • Partitioning an estate among the heirs or beneficiaries
  • Sale or property to a non-relative, with or without the services of a Realtor
  • Partial interest (typically income property)
  • Gifts and gift trusts

Serious Business Requires Serious Skill and Ethics

We will deliver an unbiased opinion of value on your clients’ property. Our reports will provide a level of detail beyond what may be typically required or expected. If 3 comparable sales might be sufficient to determine the value of a property, we’ll use more (if more are available), to strengthen the analysis.

Coverage Area

Our Service area Map shows the 5 counties we cover: Travis, Williamson, Hays, Caldwell and Bastrop.  The same page shows a map for appraiser geographic competence.