Appraisal Fees and Appraisal Report Types

Real Estate Appraisal Fees

Our residential real estate appraisal fees schedule is straight-forward. The fee schedule reflects the considerable time and expertise required for the writing of a high-quality appraisal report.

We offer discounts for entities that will be ordering multiple appraisals (i.e. “bulk” appraisals). Please call us to discuss pricing.

Typical turn times are 2 to 5 business days. We can usually schedule an inspection within 2 business days, and deliver the report 24 to 72 hours later, depending on the complexity of the subject property.

You do not have to be a lender or real estate professional to order an appraisal on your own property.

Appraisal Report Fees - Financial Transactions

Appraisal Report Type
Fee - Call for Quotes for Large/Complex/Rural, etc.
Other Reports AvailableCall for Quote
URAR/1004 Single Family Home Appraisal Video about Residential Real Estate Appraisals using the URAR 1004 $375
Single Family FHA Appraisal$450
1007 Rent Schedule with/without 216 Operating Income$100
1025 Duplex Appraisal$550
1025 Fourplex Appraisal - Multi Family Investment Properties and Rentals$600
1004D/442 Completion Certificate for New Homes (aka "Final")$125
1073 Individual Condominium Unit Appraisal$400
2000 Single Family Field Review$300
2000 Two- to Four-Family Field Review$325
2055 Exterior Only (Aka "Drive By") Single Family Appraisal$275
2070 Condition and Marketability Report$150
Lot Appraisal$400
The above chart shows our typical fees for real estate appraisal reports that will be used for financial transactions (mortgage lending/purchases).

Appraisal Fees for Private Use (Not for Financial Transactions)

Appraisal Report Type
Appraisal Fees start at - Call (512) 541-2107 for more information and quotes
Reports for other uses are availableCall (512) 541-2107 for more information
Single Family$375
Tax Protest$375
Listing Appraisal - before a home is listed for sale$375
PMI Removal$375
Single Family Investment or Rental Property$375
Duplex Investment Property or Rental$450
Multi Family Investment Property or Rental$500
Land OnlyDepends on acreage and location - call for quote
The above chart shows our typical fees for real estate appraisal reports for private use. These reports are typically used to determine a price for listing a property for sale, protesting tax assessments, removing PMI, or for estate planning, etc.

If the type of appraisal report or appraisal form you need isn’t on these lists, please call us to discuss pricing and turnaround times.(512) 541-2107

What is included in the Appraisal Fees?

Custom home in Spicewood, Texas
A custom home in Spicewood, Texas

Each appraisal, at a minimum, has:

  • Full legal description and current ownership
  • Maps (aerial maps of the property, maps of the property plus the comparable sales, plat map, flood map)
  • A sales comparison grid plus commentary on how the comparable sales compared to the subject property
  • A sketch of the dwelling, with exterior measurement labeled
  • Interior and exterior photographs (if interior appraisal ordered)
  • Zoning summary
  • The appraiser’s opinion of value
  • Plus all of the government-required forms and disclosures for each type of appraisal