Lockhart Texas – Houses with Character

Updated August 17th, 2014

A front stoop with character in Lockhart, Texas.
A front stoop with character in Lockhart, Texas.

Lockhart Texas – Houses with Character

We first wrote about Lockhart Texas back in 2011, as part of our “shooting the town” series.

A few weeks later, we wrote about Black’s BBQ. Oh my, that is some tasty tasty meat.

We still go down at least once a month for fun, or more specifically, for the barbecue.

We also head down regularly to perform real estate appraisals – to determine the value of property in Lockhart.

Now we’re going to share some Lockhart Texas houses real estate sales data, plus some photos of houses around town.

Yeah, we look at houses all day long but still go take photos of more in our space time. It’s … relaxing.

Lockhart Texas Real Estate Sales Activity

  • In the 12 months ending 8/16/2014, 116 homes sold in Lockhart, Texas
  • The median closed price was $120,500 (range: $20,000 to $730,000)
  • 38 sold for cash
  • 15 were REOs (bank repossessions)
  • The median age was 31 years (range: 2 to 134 years old)
  • The median size was 1,520 square feet

Lockhart Real Estate Sales Comparison: 2013 to 2014

  • Compared to 1 year prior (8/17/2012 to 8/16/2013) for 106 sales:
  • The median price was $123,000 (range: $16,000 to $299,000)
  • 12 were REOs (bank-owned)
  • 40 sold for cash
  • The median age was 33 years old (range: Ā 2 to 143 years old)
  • Median size was 1,665 square feet (range: 280 to 3,992 square feet)

Lockhart Texas – Images of Houses with Character

Here are some photo we took of houses in Lockhart. These are not the ones that sold (perhaps some are/were) – these are houses we saw and thought were interesting, and wanted to share.

Google Map for Lockhart, Texas


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