Lenders: Mercury Network Appraisal Vendor Management Registration

Appraisal Vendor Management: the AMC Alternative

Three Easy Ways to Sign Up

The Most Direct Way to Sign Up

By skipping these links and going directly to a la mode’s sign-up page for the Mercury Network. Please add Orlando Masis with Appraisal IQ to your appraiser roster.

Watch the Video

By watching our video that shows click by click how to sign up for the Mercury Network.

Step-by-Step Instructions

By downloading and following our easy instructions.

Mercury Network Accounts are FREE

Remember – the Mercury Network is FREE for lenders.

It is NOT an AMC. We (the certified appraisers) pay the per-appraisal processing fee (about $14) for using the Mercury Network out of the appraisal report fee you pay us and we do NOT jack up our prices to pass that fee on to you.

Join us in taking back control of appraisal ordering and appraisal management and improve your business in the process.

Orlando Masis

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