Central Texas Appraisal District

Each County in Texas is served by an Appraisal District

Each Texas Appraisal District is a governmental entity that assess the value of real property which then determines the taxes for each parcel and for the improvements on the land. A tax assessment is not the same as an appraisal.

If you believe your property has been assessed at a value higher than fair market value, an appraisal may help you protest your property’s valuation by your taxing district(s). An appraisal from Appraisal IQ will provide you with the information you need to determine if your property tax assessment exceeds the fair market value of your property. We can explain the process to you so that you understand what your options are. Please call (512) 541-2107 to speak with a Texas State Certified Residential Appraiser or fill out our simple on-line contact form to communicate via email.

Central Texas Appraisal Districts

Protest Your Property Tax Assessment

Are your property taxes too high?

Appraisal IQ will provide you with an unbiased estimate and evidence of true market value. If the value we determine if less than your assessed value, you can take this to your Texas Appraisal District as part of your portfolio of information used to fight your tax assessment.

Set the record straight! Please email info@theappraisaliq.com, call (512) 541-2107, or fill out the on-line contact form to discuss your property tax assessment and what Appraisal IQ can do to help.