Downtown Lockhart Texas in Photographs

Been to Lockhart TX Lately?

(Here is the most recent post about real estate sales in Lockhart, Texas)

The downtown square in Lockhart looks like a lot of small town, old town Texas squares with the courthouse in the middle, surrounded by buildings built in the late 1800s and early 1900s.

According to the City of Lockhart’s website, Byrd Lockhart arrived in the area in the late 1800s while he was working as a surveyor for Green Dewitt. Lockhart built roads in the area at his own expense and received land along Plum Creek as compensation.

Lockhart is the County Seat for Caldwell County and has approximately 13,600 residents.

The Caldwell County Courthouse in Lockhart Texas March 2011

According to the Texas historical marker at the courthouse, The Caldwell County Courthouse was completed in 1894 and was built from Muldoon blue sandstone with Pecos red sandstone trim.

The Dr. Eugene Clark Library was built in 1898 and claims the title of the oldest library in Texas that has been continuously used as a library (Clark Library Friends Website).

The Dr. Eugene Clark Library in Lockhart Texas March 2011

Lockhart is located along the historic Chisholm Trail, the major trail for livestock heading out of Texas after the Civil War, between 1867 and 1884. By the time the trail closed in 1884, the Chisholm trail had been followed by more than 5 million cattle and a million mustangs.

No visit to Lockhart, Texas, the Barbecue Capital of Texas, would be complete without a stop at Black’s Barbecue, which has been run by the same family since 1932!

Blacks Barbecue in Lockhart Texas March 2011

Lockhart, Texas Real Estate Data as of March 2011

  • As of March 8th, 2011, 68 homes are for sale in Lockhart, Texas, ranging from $18,000 for a court-ordered sale of a tear down in the Byrd Lockhart section of town, to a 5,185 square foot home built in 1980 located in 5 acres at the outskirts of town.
  • 9 of the 68 homes listed for sale are foreclosures.
  • The median price of a home currently for sale in Lockhart, TX is $129,000.
  • The median size of the current homes for sale is 1,681 square feet.
  • The 68 homes for sale are just under 7 months of inventory for the area.

Lockhart, TX Real Estate Sales for 2010

  • In 2010, 90 homes sold in Lockhart, with a median selling price of $101,000.
  • 26 of these homes were listed as foreclosures, a slight increase from 25 out of 97 homes sold in 2009.
  • The median size of the homes that sold in 2010 was 1,490 square feet.
  • Median days on the market (DOM) was 74.
  • The median selling price per square foot was $68.01.

Photographs of Downtown Lockhart, Texas

Google Map of Lockhart Texas

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Population data from the Texas Almanac 2010- 2011.
Chisholm Trail information from the Texas State Historical Association and Donald E. Worcester.
Real estate sales data for Lockhart from the Austin Board of Realtors ACTRIS database.


  1. Greg Dwight says

    Being a photographer myself, even by just looking at the pictures, I can’t stop but fall in love with the place. Lockhart indeed not just offers us a glimpse of history with its much preserved structures but gives us a sense of pride. I love your photographs as much as I love the place.

  2. says

    Hi Ryan – thanks for stopping by – your own site(s) have been a HUGE inspiration for us to just get out there and DO IT, be it photographs or videos!

    Barrett – we LOVE LOVE LOVE Black’s! It has become an addiction – oh, that brisket! Even my 4yo is on-board even for the long drive because of the cobbler and (of all things) the jello! :-) I have some more pix of the smokers from last week that I hope to get up on the site soon!

    Greg – you’re so right about Lockhart! It used to be a place on the map for us but now it’s a destination – where we PLAN to go because we still haven’t seen all we want to see. Last time down we got some great photos of the old jail – more pix to get up here! Do you have some other towns you would recommend we visit? What are your favorite photographic topics in Texas?

  3. says

    Had you bothered to drive down streets other than Blanco, you might have discovered the Gambrell home on Medina, the Adams/Glosserman home on Magnolia, the Swearingen home at the corner of Leona and San Antonio, the old Blundell home, the beautiful home on Cibolo that sold recently, even the old Richards/Armstrong home and many others.

    Thanks for the pics of downtown and one of the old Coopwood homes & the Gillette home, but if I had not grown up in Lockhart and saw only these pictures, I would think you were photographing in a Third World country.

    Pics are not exactly representative of the town.


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