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Vanishing Texas | A Drive off 95 in Bastrop

When was the last time you took a drive out into the countryside?

We did that this past weekend. Although we’re out in the rural areas frequently for appraisals, we don’t often take the time to just LOOK – at the trees! The cows! The fences! The fields!

Normally, the articles we write are specifically about appraisal issues or home valuation practices and principles.

Vanishing Texas

Today, we’re going to share a little more than that. We’re going to share our weekend adventure into what would most aptly be described as Vanishing Texas, named after a Flickr group that I joined to share some of the rural photos I’ve been taking lately.


I’m finding it impossible to resist the pull of the rural areas, especially the ones that have ample examples of the days gone by in Central Texas.

As more and more people move into the urban areas, rural areas are hard hit with abandoned homes, falling-down buildings, and lots and lots of rusty vehicles piled about, some in junk yards, but many other in fields. As some of this stuff ages, it crosses over some invisible divide between abandoned-old-junk and historical-and-interesting. Rust and falling-down buildings in particular draw my eye.

More City Dwellers, Fewer Farmers

We have far fewer working farms, ranches and dairies than in the past, although the “Locavore” movement may help bring some of them back. Locavores try to source the bulk of their foods locally, eschewing the imported, trucked-in, out-of-season, chemically washed produce that normally fills the bins in the grocery stores during the winter.

We support this movement in our own household by visiting the farmer’s market and buying locally-sourced products as often as we can.

One Long and Winding Road

We drove out into Bastrop, along Sayers Road, off 95, maybe 45 minutes south of Austin. Here are images of what we would consider to be threatened in Texas – images of places and animals that may or may not be around for future generations to enjoy.

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Mayfield Ranch Round Rock TX Real Estate Activity 2009 to 2010

Mayfield Ranch in Round Rock, Texas

The Mayfield Ranch subdivision is North of 1431 (Chandler) and West of 35, in Northern Round Rock, Texas, with easy access to Scott and White Healthcare, the new ACC campus on 1431 (east of 35), IKEA and the Round Rock Outlets.

The single-family homes in Mayfield Ranch were built beginning in 2003 and continuing through 2010. Lot sizes range from just over .12 acre to just over .4 acre. The 505 homes listed in the REALIST tax database show a range of sizes from 1655 square feet to 4424 square feet with the median sized home being just under 2800 square feet in size.

Homes in this northern Round Rock subdivision frequently sport multi-stone facades, with a mixture of brick and native Texas limestone being the most common combination.

(if you’re looking to purchase a home in this area, please visit the home search page on FindRealAustin.com and pan the map over this area to see the available homes. See the map at the end of this article for the location of Mayfield Ranch.)

2009 to 2010 Market Data for Mayfield Ranch


(Median means half were above and half were below these numbers)

Homes in Mayfield Ranch sold faster in the same time period in 2010 than in 2009 (January 1st to October 27th), with a drop from a median of 90 days from listing to contract to 35.

Fewer homes sold in 2010 than in 2009, with a drop from 49 to 42.

As of October 27th, 26 homes are for sale in Mayfield Ranch, ranging from $189,900 (1790 square feet) to $339,000 (2879 square feet).

Photos of Homes in Mayfield Ranch

(Please forgive the extra brightness on these – we’re playing with some new photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom), and still getting everything calibrated!)

Map of Mayfield Ranch in Round Rock, Texas

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Sonoma in Round Rock Real Estate Activity October 2010

Real Estate Sales Data for Sonoma in Round Rock for April 13th – October 13th, 2010

Although the photo gallery is for the south end of the Sonoma subdivision, these sales numbers for Sonoma in Round Rock, Texas, covers the entire subdivision for the 6 month period ending October 13th, 2010. This area is in Williamson County.

Yes, the header for the Sonoma Real Estate Sales Data is pink – because the other options were even more garish! :-)

The real estate sales numbers to pay attention to are the numbers on the median lines – these are the numbers that are in the middle, with half of the sales above, and half of the sales below this point.

The days on the market for homes that have sold in Sonoma is encouraging – homes that are priced right are going under contract in about 5 to 6 weeks. Using the median value prevents the one gigantic house (a foreclosure) that sat on the market for 528 days from skewing the numbers to the high end for the homes that have sold in the Sonoma subdivision in the last 6 months. The foreclosure was originally priced at $390,000 before finally selling for $310,000.

You can also easily see that the median price for the homes in Sonoma that were withdrawn from the market were clearly higher priced than the homes that sold. This should serve as a word of caution – almost as many didn’t sell as did sell – gotta get the pricing right or it’s like not even having it for sale because it will get skipped by the serious buyers who can readily see the pricing disparity.

Sonoma Round Rock Sales Graphic: Balanced Pricing to Sell Faster

General Information about the Sonoma Subdivision in Round Rock

The homes in Sonoma were built between 2001 and 2009 and range from 1420 to 4918 square feet, with a median size of 2578.

This area is served by Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD).

Photos of Houses in Sonoma South in Round Rock

Map of Sonoma South (Shiraz Loop) in Round Rock, Texas

Sonoma is located both north and south of Forest Creek Drive, with the bulk of it to the south, and all of it north of Gattis School Road.

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All data is from the Austin Area MLS (aka Actris) and from the REALIST tax database.

Caldwell County Appraiser (Texas)

Appraisal IQ should be Your Caldwell County Texas Appraiser

Note: we are NOT the Caldwell County Appraisal District. We are a small, family-run business that prepares independent real estate appraisals for residential property.

Mercury Network: Dodd-Frank Compliant AppraisalsWe use the Mercury Network Appraisal Vendor Management Platform (the alternative to an AMC) to stay compliant with the many regulations of the appraisal industry. If you are a Lender, sign up today and add Orlando Masis (Appraisal IQ) to your appraisal panel. If you’re not a lender, you can order directly from us!

Caldwell County is in Central Texas and encompasses 547.41 square miles. The county seat is the city of Lockhart and home to a about 13,600 residents, a third of Caldwell County’s 38,000 residents. The agriculture in Caldwell County has a market value of $47 million.

If you visit Lockhart, or even come close to driving through Caldwell County, you’d be missing out big time if you didn’t stop at one of the famous local BBQ joints in Lockhart, such as Black’s on North Main Street, just a little ways off the downtown square.

The Historic Caldwell County Courthouse in Lockhart - Photographed at Night - March 2011

Caldwell County Tax Protest

If you think your Caldwell County property taxes are too high, you can protest them. You’ll need to be prepared with real datat about recent homes sales in your area, and we can help you with that by performing a market value appraisal on your property. Call (512) 541-2107 to schedule you appointment, and read

Caldwell County Texas Map - Detailed with Towns and Roads
(Map used with permission from Texas Almanac.)

Caldwell County Real Estate Sales for 2009 and 2010:

    Caldwell County Texas Real Estate Sales Data for 2009 and 2010

    The best news I see the the Real Estate Sales Data for Caldwell County is that the median Days on the Market (DOM) is down a LOT from 2009 to 2010 – dropping from 93 to 56, or almost 5 weeks. The drop you see in median home price is partially accounted for by the corresponding drop in the size of the median home that sold. A median value is the one where half are higher and half are lower, if you lined them all up from lowest to highest. An average is when you add them all up then divide by the number of items. Average values are more easily skewed by unusual data points than medians are.

    Read our Real Estate Market Area Reports for individual areas and subdivisions in the counties we serve.

    Who Can Order a Caldwell County Appraisal?

    Anyone can! If you’re not sure what type of appraisal you need for your property in Caldwell County, just call us at (512) 541-2107 and explain what you are trying to do so that we can figure out the appraisal product that meets your needs.

    Caldwell County includes the following zip codes: 78610, 78616, 78622, 78632, 78640, 78644, 78648, 78655, 78656, 78661, 78666, 78953, 78959

    Fee Schedule for Caldwell County Appraisals

    Appraisal Fee Schedule for Caldwell County, Texas

Our Caldwell County Real Estate sales data is from the Austin Area MLS, otherwise known as ACTRIS.

Other Caldwell County Texas data from the Texas Almanac 2010-2011.

Bastrop Appraiser (Texas) – Bastrop County Appraisal 78602

Need an Appraisal in Bastrop County, Texas?

Note: we are not the Bastrop County Appraisal District. We are a small, family-owned independent real estate appraisal company.

Mercury Network: Dodd-Frank Compliant AppraisalsWe use the Mercury Network to stay compliant with the many regulations of the appraisal industry. If you are a lender, sign up today and add Orlando Masis (Appraisal IQ) to your appraisal panel. Individuals can order directly from us.

If you like small-town living, but want to be close to a hopping metropolis like Austin (30 miles to the West), Bastrop should be on your list of towns and cities in Texas to consider. Living in Bastrop means you can have it all: local Texas flavor, small town feel, big town access. As of 2010, the population of the city of Bastrop has reached 7304 people and the Bastrop County’s population is over 74,000 (according to the Texas Almanac).

Bastrop County Tax Appraisal

Do you own property in Bastrop, and you feel the tax assessment from the Bastrop Appraisal District is too high? Engage Appraisal IQ to prepare a professional property appraisal by a certified licensed appraiser to use to protest your property taxes.

If your property value assessed by the taxing district is indeed higher than the Fair Market Value of your home, a professional appraisal can help provide the evidence you need to reduce your property taxes.

Read our article on tax appeals called How do I appeal My Property Tax Assessment?

Bastrop County Map - Detailed with Cities and Roads
(Map used with permission of Texas Almanac.)

Bastrop County Real Estate Sales for 2009 and 2010:

    Bastrop-Real-Estate-SOLD-2009-2010 Bastrop County Appraiser

    The good news – prices are up a little bit and days on the market (DOM) are down almost a week for Bastrop County Real Estate. Read our Real Estate Market Area Reports for individual areas and subdivisions in the counties we serve.

    Who Can Order a Bastrop Appraisal?

    Anyone can! If you’re not sure what type of appraisal you need for your property in Bastrop County, just call us at (512) 541-2107 .

    Bastrop County includes the following zip codes:

    Fee Schedule for Bastrop County Appraisals

    If you are a lender, AMC or mortgage professional, we can arrange for a discounted fee for bulk appraisals in Bastrop County.

    Appraisal Fee Schedule for Bastrop County, Texas

Our Bastrop County Real Estate sales data is from the Austin Area MLS, otherwise known as ACTRIS.

Google Map of Bastrop

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