Mayfield Ranch Round Rock TX Real Estate Activity 2009 to 2010

Mayfield Ranch in Round Rock, Texas

The Mayfield Ranch subdivision is North of 1431 (Chandler) and West of 35, in Northern Round Rock, Texas, with easy access to Scott and White Healthcare, the new ACC campus on 1431 (east of 35), IKEA and the Round Rock Outlets. The single-family homes in Mayfield Ranch were built beginning in 2003 and continuing through 2010. Lot sizes range from just over .12 acre to just over .4 acre. The 505 homes listed in the REALIST tax database show a range of sizes from 1655 square feet to 4424 square feet with the median sized home being just under 2800 square feet in size. Homes in this northern Round Rock subdivision frequently sport multi-stone facades, with a mixture of brick and native Texas limestone being the most common combination. (if you're looking to purchase a home in this area, please visit the home search page on and pan the map over this area to see the available homes. See the map at the end of this article for the location of Mayfield Ranch.)

2009 to 2010 Market Data for Mayfield Ranch

Mayfield-Ranch-Real-Estate-Activity-2009-2010 (Median means half were above and half were below these numbers) Homes in Mayfield Ranch sold faster in the same time period in 2010 than in 2009 (January 1st to October 27th), with a drop from a median of 90 days from listing to contract to 35. Fewer homes sold in 2010 than in 2009, with a drop from 49 to 42. As of October 27th, 26 homes are for sale in Mayfield Ranch, ranging from $189,900 (1790 square feet) to $339,000 (2879 square feet).

Photos of Homes in Mayfield Ranch

(Please forgive the extra brightness on these - we're playing with some new photo editing software (Adobe Lightroom), and still getting everything calibrated!)

Map of Mayfield Ranch in Round Rock, Texas

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A la mode: An Excellent Alternative to AMCs for Lenders

Have you heard of a la mode? If you haven't, you might check on the bottom of any real estate-related paperwork you've handled recently - you may very well find a la mode's name on some, or a lot of it. We use a la mode's Xsite software (ordering), as well as WinTotal (actual appraisals), Davinci (sketching) and our hands-down favorite line-up in the bunch: the Mercury Network (Appraisal Vendor Management Platform), which is now handling in excess of 10,000 appraisal transactions a day, without the mark-up typical of transactions handled via AMCs. This milestone was announced earlier this week by a la mode and we are thrilled to see their success. (We have zero affiliation other than very happy customer.) If you're a lender reading this, you really really really need to read that press release linked above. If you're an AMC, you should, too, because you need to know this: although we're grateful to have your business in a down economy, the fees we receive that are lower than "reasonable and customary" hurt us, badly, both business-wise and personally. More work for less compensation isn't a sustainable business model when our expenses are running so high. The Mercury Network is a runaway hit and if AMCs want to keep up, they need to offer a comparable level of service, compliance, reliability and cost to their customers and business partners.

Why Sign Up for the Mercury Network?

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Austin Area Real Estate Heat Maps for September 2010

Austin Market Activity Heat Maps Compliments of Gracy Title in Austin

Austin Real Estate Heat Map: Number Sold change from September 2009 to September 2010.


Austin Real Estate Heat Map: Median Price Change from September 2009 to September 2010.

Austin-Real-Estate-September-10-Heat-Maps-Median-Price-Change These Austin Real Estate Market Activity Heat Maps came to Alison by way of:
Suzanne Jacobs Sales Executive Gracy Title, a stewart company (512) 656-7094
We're BLOWN AWAY by the quality and consistency of the real estate data that comes from Gracy Title. The numbers you want, when and how you want them!

Lake Forest in Round Rock Texas Real Estate Activity Update October 2010

Real Estate Activity for Lake Forest Subdivision, Round Rock, TX for April 13th to October 13th, 2010

The Lake Forest subdivision is located between Forest Creek Drive (on the North), Gattis School Road (on the South) and Red Bud Lane (CR 122) on the East, in Round Rock in Williamson County (Northeast of Austin). Homes in Lake Forest were built between 2000 and 2008 and range from 2208 to 5757 square feet with a median size of 3610 square feet. According to the REALIST tax database, the Lake Forest subdivision has 643 homes with the typical lot size being over a quarter acre.

Real Estate Sales Activity For Lake Forest

Lake-Forest-Round-Rock-TX-Real-Estate-Activity-April-October-2010 (*Note for Realtors: the statistics report in ACTRIS is somewhat misleading for the "high" and "low" numbers in that it reports the highest and lowest for each column (Size, Price, DOM) which can make the High and Low lines look like they are applicable to a single house when they may be applicable to three different homes on a single line. In the chart above, I selected the lowest and highest based on sales price. The median line always pertains to a single home - the one where half of the homes sold above or below this point.) Note that homes in Lake Forest that were priced right for the current Round Rock Real Estate market sold in a median number of 32 days, or just over a month after being listed for sale. One Lake Forest home sat on the market for 812 days total, with an original list price of $500,000. That home finally sold for $330,000 as a short sale.

Price per Square Foot for Lake Forest Homes

To throw out our usual caveat about pricing per square foot . . .
it's okay to report the actual numbers for the prices of homes that sold, but it is not a good idea to base the price of a home you're about to put on the market on the selling price per square foot of other homes in the area. The reason for this is that it's easy to mistakenly believe that homes that have superficially similar characteristics (size, number of bedrooms, number of bathrooms) are actually comparable to each other. To determine which homes are actually comparable in Lake Forest (or comparable subdivisions in Round Rock) and should therefore be used when selecting the list price of a home is more complicated than a quick glance at the sales data.
Here is a little chart to illustrate this point.
This chart plots the selling price per square foot vs. the size of homes, for the homes that sold in Lake Forest in Round Rock Texas over the last 6 month period. You can see that the selling price per square foot is all over the place. The differences would become clearer if we were to dig deep into these listings to examine the quality of construction, quality of fit and finish, location within the subdivision, etc.
Lake-Forest-Price-Per-Square-Foot We know a lot of Realtors that are top-notch when it comes to pricing homes for sale in Lake Forest. Sometimes, however, it's just hard to get it right if the home about to be listed is unusual for the local market. In that case, your agent might welcome the supporting documentation that comes from a professional real estate appraisal. 🙂

Photos of Lake Forest in Round Rock Texas

Map of Lake Forest Subdivision in Round Rock, Texas

View Larger Map All data in this report was obtained from the Austin Area MLS (aka ACTRIS) and from the REALIST Tax Database.

Sonoma in Round Rock Real Estate Activity October 2010

Real Estate Sales Data for Sonoma in Round Rock for April 13th - October 13th, 2010

Although the photo gallery is for the south end of the Sonoma subdivision, these sales numbers for Sonoma in Round Rock, Texas, covers the entire subdivision for the 6 month period ending October 13th, 2010. This area is in Williamson County. Sonoma-Subdivision-Round-Rock-Real-Estate-Sales-Data-October-2010 Yes, the header for the Sonoma Real Estate Sales Data is pink - because the other options were even more garish! 🙂 The real estate sales numbers to pay attention to are the numbers on the median lines - these are the numbers that are in the middle, with half of the sales above, and half of the sales below this point. The days on the market for homes that have sold in Sonoma is encouraging - homes that are priced right are going under contract in about 5 to 6 weeks. Using the median value prevents the one gigantic house (a foreclosure) that sat on the market for 528 days from skewing the numbers to the high end for the homes that have sold in the Sonoma subdivision in the last 6 months. The foreclosure was originally priced at $390,000 before finally selling for $310,000. You can also easily see that the median price for the homes in Sonoma that were withdrawn from the market were clearly higher priced than the homes that sold. This should serve as a word of caution - almost as many didn't sell as did sell - gotta get the pricing right or it's like not even having it for sale because it will get skipped by the serious buyers who can readily see the pricing disparity. Sonoma Round Rock Sales Graphic: Balanced Pricing to Sell Faster

General Information about the Sonoma Subdivision in Round Rock

The homes in Sonoma were built between 2001 and 2009 and range from 1420 to 4918 square feet, with a median size of 2578. This area is served by Round Rock Independent School District (RRISD).

Photos of Houses in Sonoma South in Round Rock

Map of Sonoma South (Shiraz Loop) in Round Rock, Texas

Sonoma is located both north and south of Forest Creek Drive, with the bulk of it to the south, and all of it north of Gattis School Road.
View Larger Map All data is from the Austin Area MLS (aka Actris) and from the REALIST tax database.